Happy healthy moms = happy healthy babies.

the ingredients

We took great care crafting the exact formulations of organic ingredients in all of our natural baby products. We wanted each product to
be effective, fun to use, natural and awesome-smelling.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely used for its healing and its moisturizing properties. The benefits of aloe vera have been widely known for centuries throughout Egypt and the rest of Africa. It’s one of our go-to ingredients, featured in all of our lotions, including our children’s intensive lotion.


Known for strengthening and providing moisture, avocados promote hair growth and also hydrate the skin and scalp. We include avocado in certain shampoos and body washes, especially when extra hydration and restorative balance is needed.


This plant-based ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which makes it ideal for our children’s lotions. Calendula has been cited as helpful in treating minor wounds and contact dermatitis.


One of our most widely used ingredients, chamomile can be found in many of our lotions, body washes and conditioners. Chamomile has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for any product that is trying to calm down irritated or dry skin or scalp.


Cocoa has two major benefits going for it: a lovely and pleasing scent as well as excellent hydration properties. We use it in our children’s lotions and find that it adds to the overall sensory experience of the lotions as well as the overall effectiveness.


Coconut is a superior moisturizer for both hair and skin. In addition, coconut oil has anti-oxidant properties and boosts hair’s strength and volume without any greasy feel.

Green Tea

Used to clear up trouble spots on the skin as well as for wound treatment, green tea is ideal to be included in skin and hair products. We incorporate it in several lotions and body washes.

Shea Butter

Utilized primarily for serious hydration, we incorporate shea butter in skin care products, as its natural moisturizing quality makes our formulations highly effective.


Vanilla’s scent is nearly universally loved, which makes it an ideal addition for any skin or hair product, but that’s just part of the story. Vanilla adds strength to hair, calms irritated skin and scalp and hydrates, too. We include it in many of our child skin and hair care products, because we can’t get enough vanilla!


If you ever have any questions about how we decided to incorporate ingredients, we would love to include you in our dialogue. No, It’s Mine is not just personalized because of its labels; it’s personalized because our customers and friends contribute their great ideas!

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