Firstly we try to avoid sales pitch phrases which are, quite frankly, misleading.


How many names of products contain the words organ or ganics? This makes you believe the product to be organic; however when you look at the ingredients, they do not contain one organic ingredient, just clever marketing! Natural is another term. If we fill a bottle with mainly water, then yes technically it is natural. But that doesn’t mean it is using just natural ingredients. Check this out next time you’re at the supermarket and you’ll see what we mean about organic baby bath products.

Our promise of No

We are proud and honest about the ingredients we say no to. Our products are honestly made without:

phthalates DEHP, BBP, DBP, DMP, DEP); PVC; formaldehyde carriers; alkylphenols; benzene; TEA (Triethanolamine); MEA (Monoethanolamine); parabens; phosphates; chlorine processing; chlorinated or brominated solvents; ceteareth 20; polyethylene glycol (PEGs); resorcinol; bronopol; quaternium 15; nanoparticles; triclosan; sulfur oxides; organohalides; hexavalent chromium; DMDM hydantoin; organophosphate pesticides; 1,4 – dioxane; SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); optical brighteners; mineral oil; petrolatum; BPA (bisphenol-A); a-chlorotoluene

We are seriously committed to creating the safest
and kindest organic baby bath products out there.

We use as many organic ingredients as possible, wherever possible. To be completely honest there are some products that have to include a chemical due to the nature of the product, but where this is the case, we use the safest ingredient without regards to cost. For example, bubble bath; there is nothing found in nature that creates massive amount of bubbles, but we have a safe ingredient that does, as we felt this to be an important part of creating a sensory bath time experience.

If you ever have a question, we’re happy to answer it. And, if you ever have a recommendation, we’re grateful to hear it. Remember we’re doing this for all babies everywhere, so please share any information to help us improve our products!