I promise to always provide the truth about our ingredients, and why we use them. It’s a great story.


our story

Once upon a time …

A gorgeous little baby called Frankie was born. Frankie was a perfect baby, he had his parents in awe of his cute little nose, chubby arms and his amazing eyes. When Frankie was a couple of weeks old he started to develop a rash all over his face. His mother Gemma and father Dave took him to the doctor and were told it was just a baby rash and it would just go away. As new parents, they trusted this. Quickly, the rash got progressively worse and covered Frankie’s whole body. Frankie’s skin then developed a scratchy surface. At this point, it was evident his rash bothering him. So they took him back to the doctor. This time the doctor said maybe it was eczema or an allergic reaction to something. So Gemma changed the laundry detergent and tried to do all the usual things you do as a new parent to try to make things better.

Working in the hair and beauty industry afforded Gemma the ability to communicate with a laboratory and a chemist. She spoke with him about the problem they were having. The chemist, Juan, started explaining about poorly formulated baby skincare products and harsh or harmful ingredients.

After a lot of research and testing of almost every product on the market, Gemma noticed organic products worked much better for Frankie and calmed his skin considerably. So evidently it was some form of chemical in his skincare products that was affecting his skin. However, all the truly organic products they found smelled like swamp or fruit! Gemma believed babies should smell like babies and that’s it, there is no better fragrance in the world than after the baby’s bath.

Gemma realized that there weren’t many options for premium baby skincare products. Gemma found this crazy. Since every woman spends decent money for premium products for herself, why would companies not make the same quality products for babies?

After another discussion with Juan the chemist, they established that babies should have the same quality products that adults have. They believed they could do it together, in conjunction with families everywhere. “Let’s make a product made by moms for their babies” Gemma said. And that was how No, It’s Mine was formed.

All the little babies lived happily ever after with super soft, yummy smelling skin! xx

I wanted to create a brand you could trust. A brand that cared. A brand that continually creates best products for our children. A brand that would listen and understand what parents needs are.


Just like the majority of you reading this, we’ve had children and experienced all the joys and responsibilities that come with that. There is nothing harder than the feeling of wanting the absolute best for your child and not knowing how to achieve it. Everyone has a opinion, marketing companies lay out campaigns that don’t allow you to decipher the good from the bad, so where do you start when looking for skincare for your child? I wanted to create a brand that was about family and not about a corporate agenda. I promise our products were fully tested on my own children. I promise that I will always provide the truth about our ingredients and why we have used them and most of all I promise that we are trying to do our absolute best to create the best organic products for babies.

Our dream is to create premium products exclusively for babies and children. Redefining the term family brand, into a brand that is created for your family. A brand that allows you to know the products, understand the ingredients and trust that you’re using the right product for your little one.

We want the best for our children

Safe Products

made exclusive for your child’s skin

Premium Formulas

made with certified organic ingredients


caring for the planet and consciously sourcing ingredients

Family Values

never comprising on our standard or beliefs